Our Attitude Makes the Difference
Sunday, July 13, 2014
Dale Best in Business, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, failure, positive attitude

We acquire an attitude as a child. Many times this mindset stays ‘till death. Others vigorously meet challenges as opportunities. As a child, Walt Disney was told he didn’t have a creative bone in his body, so he turned around and used his brain. Winston Churchill flunked sixth grade and was told he was not smart enough.

A negative attitude sometimes causes us to turn down delightful positions. The personnel manager at the office may claim we are just an average individual who probably couldn’t handle that responsibility. Other put-downs are that we are too young, too old, slow learning, or undereducated. At other times, they accuse us of being overqualified. After several failures, we could possibly become a troublemaker causing people to shun us.

Persons with a positive attitude are energetic and willing to put forth an extra effort. Extraordinary comes to mind when thinking of the persons who make a difference in society. They are group changers. Those with a positive attitude are the persons who carry their friends into a new future.

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