Drag Factors to Friendship
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Dale Best in Business, bad behavior, friendship, negativity, problem solving, progress

Our desire is to have humongous jet engines to speed us to success. If we aren’t careful, we acquire traits and actions that act like drag on an airplane.

One negative action might be when we are criticized and we rationalize how our actions were right. We justified our actions, thereby proving that the boss or the company does not know what is right.

When a friend’s progress slows to a crawl, it is a time to listen. After they explain what is happening, we should not minimize the problem. They will feel  useless and a sort of a dunce.

If we leave and forget about advice they gave, that little careless act wreaks havoc with friendship.

The last drag to our relationship is to discount all the evidence that proves our actions are wrong or harmful. Our bad behavior cannot be embellished enough to be acceptable.

Let’s examine our actions and behavior that slows our progress. Eliminates traits that drag is down and zoom to achievement.

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