Sunday, September 8, 2013
Dale Best in Business, focus, goals, priorities, strengths, weaknesses

When our eyes do not focus, the whole world appears a blur. We don’t know whether to walk forward or step aside to avoid an accident. Similarly, in managing a business, we need to have a destination so we can go in that direction, as a ship on the ocean does even without a landmark available for reference.

So establishing a goal and a set of priorities is mandatory. This is the compass for all future actions. As we travel through each day, we should check our map to guide us to our final destination. We must concentrate on the small steps of improvement or make mini-corrections to our plans.

Our actions, that take us toward our goal, reveal our strengths and weaknesses. Where we have weaknesses and less knowledgeable, we must find someone who is strong in that field. This lack should not cause us to go into self-pity or think less of ourselves. All humans have strengths and weaknesses. The places we are adequate need to be strengthened by reading or seminars to propel us into the port of our goal.

We can reach that elusive goal as we strengthen our weaknesses and use our strengths to the maximum. Never let our focus on our goal get blurry.

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