Monday, March 4, 2013
Dale Best in Business, kindness, success

Being kind involves being other people conscious. At first, this requires our being intentionally not egocentric or self-centered. After the new habit is formed, we automatically are sympathetic to anyone hurting or in the middle of crisis. Our heart reaches out to assist in ways we can.

Kindness forces us to be emotionally generous. We give our thoughts and feelings to others. We are financially generous and assist physically after our expressions of concern.

Our kindness in the midst of their trouble makes other feel good. The unwritten rule is that you will never give love and kindness without some sticking to you. It may come later from another source. That love and kindness will be given b back to you. Cast your kindness on every wave (at every chance) and it will return to you (Ecc. 11).

Giving kindness will eventually become an enjoyable way of life. Others in our family or at work will question in their mind how we enjoy life so much while they drag around every day. They search for the pleasure we enjoy so naturally.

So whether we are young or old, employee or owner of the company kindness should be sprinkled along our path to success.

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