Great Expectations
Sunday, June 3, 2012
Dale Best in Faith, God's help, Jesus, Robert H. Schuller, goals

Jesus in talking to a man said, “According to your faith be it unto you.” If he had little faith, he would be partially healed. Great faith would bring complete health. When our faith is small, we won’t make the effort to reach for our dream.

Robert H. Schuller says that our goal must agree with what we believe. If we are a recovering alcoholic, we should not dream of running a large tavern or managing a gigantic liquor outlet. If we are against gambling, don’t have a goal of owning a casino.

We need to enlarge our dream as Jabez asked us to do. When we set our goal too close or too easy, we will miss many blessings. Let’s make it so big that it is a God-size expectation. Without God’s help, it would be impossible. Keep in mind that nothing is too large for God to fulfill.

Oh, what pleasant thoughts we have of looking and working toward our new goal. Don’t be deceived. Not everyone will be your raving fan or your personal cheerleader. Let’s be determined to keep that great expectation in the forefront of our mind.

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