Other Stumbling Blocks to Success
Sunday, December 9, 2012
Dale Best in Bible, Business, Faith, alcohol, deception, goals, marital fidelity, pitfalls, success

After one achieves an amount of success, we look for new goals to conquer or something to reward ourselves with. This is also true in our marriage. As our marriage settles into normal, our eyes see someone enticing to the point of being unfaithful to our spouse. Breaking our marriage vows has broken many empires that entrepreneurs have built.

Another action that has fractured good economic plans is excessive use of alcohol. It may have started out innocently and sociably enough but became an obsession. We begin making unwise decisions or failing to take corrective steps in the business.

Deception originates with the tiniest cover-up. Like the tiniest threads that could be easily broken anytime at the beginning can soon lead to disaster. Soon associates start to remove their trust in us and we are left with our lies.

The Bible says we must be truthful and honest in small matters. If we are, we will not steal when the big chance comes. This truthfulness counts down to bridge tolls and expense accounts expenses.

Avoiding these four pitfalls we can confidently march toward success.

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