Leadership Styles
Sunday, November 18, 2012
Dale Best in Business, John Maxwell, enthusiasm, leadership, participation

Often our natural leadership style is ineffective. One such method might be the command and control administration. This method severely cramps and short circuits opportunity among employees. Instead of demanding leadership, use one that produces obligation. This makes the worker change from feeling like a second class employee to being part of a marvelous team with a spirit of reaching the company goal.

The preferred way is to enthuse employees. This takes time to achieve. This feeling of enthusiasm among the staff is contagious. It requires that the leader model this positive spirit or attitude. In reaching this attitude, we could increase the amount of participation and/or involvement in the leadership of their department. The leader should not be so insecure that an employees might outshine them. Inspiring others is much superior to intimidation of those under us. Using these methods releases the ingenuity within the company.

Here is a fact to remember in our goal to be a great leader. John Maxwell presents it. “We produce who we are.”

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