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    Call to Action - April 8, 2013

    Call to Action is a regular weekly To-Do List  that enumerates critical things that you need to do right now to preserve our constitutional rights, protect freedom, and ensure your personal safety.

    Reader feedback is welcomed. If you have taken any of these steps, please use the comments function to report on the results. If you are aware of a critical issue that should be included on this list, we would like to hear from you.

    This week:

    • They’re coming for your guns.
    • They’re coming for your retirement account.
    • Occupy Monsanto Day

    1. They’re Coming for Your Guns

    The relentless attack on the Second Amendment has not abated. The feds have imposed a de facto restriction on ammunition purchases by buying more ammunition than the manufacturers can produce. Even local police departments are affected by the ammunition shortage. A push is on to ratify the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. Bogus insurance requirements and taxes are being implemented to infringe on gun ownership, the same way that the poll tax was used to infringe voter rights.

    Actions Required:

    • As usual, contact your senators. Let them know that you oppose the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.
    • If your local pols are cooking up back door gun restrictions by requiring special insurance and taxes, let them hear from you.
    • Stock up on ammo, while there’s still time. Bullets in popular calibers may be the new currency in a barter economy.

    2. They’re Coming for Your Retirement Account

    Obama and his minions are looking to fiancee their reckless spending with your retirement account. Of course they are saying it only affects “the rich,” who don’t need a retirement account. Since when is it the government’s role to determine what people need, and what they should have. Know it or not, if you have something that they want, you are rich in the eyes of the government. Obama once said that only the rich would pay more taxes. Now, everyone with a job is paying more taxes after they raised the payroll tax.

    Actions Required:

    • Treat your tax deferred retirement account as a high risk investment. It may get hit.
    • Diversify, diversify, diversify. No one can predict the future. Some investments will take a big hit.
    • If you can withdraw retirement funds now without penalty, this may be the time to do it. Consider taking the tax hit now rather than a bigger hit later. Consult a qualified financial advisor first if you are not sure about what you are doing.

    3. Occupy Monsanto Day

    Monsanto is poisoning our food with harmful GMO. Don’t you have a right to know what you are eating. The US and Canada are the only countries that permit unlabeled GMO food.

    Meanwhile, Congress has passed the Monsanto Protection Act, a law written by Monsanto to let them plant anything they want, wherever the want, with out restriction or consequences. This was added as a rider to another law and passed.

    Actions Required:

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