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    Call to Action - December 19, 2011

    Call to Action is a regular weekly To-Do List  that enumerates critical things that you need to do right now to preserve our constitutional rights, protect freedom, and ensure your personal safety.

    Reader feedback is welcomed. If you have taken any of these steps, please use the comments function to report on the results. If you are aware of a critical issue that should be included on this list, we would like to hear from you.

    1. Oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) H.R.3261

    This bill will bring “The Great Firewall of China” to the United States, essentially breaking the functionality of the Internet. Many key technology innovators have testified that the Internet as we know it will cease to exist if the measures contained in this bill are implemented.

    Internet service providers would be required to block access to sites that host or link to other sites suspected of copyright infringement, and unauthorized streaming of copyright-protected content would be a felony offense. Post a video of your child singing a copyrighted song (almost everything including Happy Birthday is copyrighted) and you could be on your way to the “big house.” Online search engines are required to exclude blocked websites, regardless of whether or not they are hosted in the United States.

    Action Required: Call your member of Congress and voice your objection to this bill. You must do this before the vote on December 21, 2011.

    2. Oppose the Protect IP Act S.968

    The official name of this bill (S.968) is ridiculously long: Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011. Let’s just call it PIPA. Like SOPA, it will censor the Internet and break the Domain Name System (DNS). It implements draconian felony penalties and the Internet death penalty. Ninety law professors have confirmed this.

    Action Required: Call your Senators and voice your objection to this dangerous bill. You can also send your opinion via the Electronic Frontier website.

    3. Donate to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign

    Ron Paul is the only viable presidential candidate who can turn our country around and get us back on the right track. All of the other leading candidates, Republican or Democrat, will bring more of the same: endless costly wars, reckless suicidal government spending, ever encroaching federal control over every aspect of our lives, and the end of the dollar (and all wealth held in dollars). In short, civilization as we know it will cease to exist. Don’t believe it? Then look at the graph below and extrapolate the graph into the future. Hyperinflation is almost here.

    Action Required: Visit Ron Paul’s website now and make a donation.

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